Clipsal C-Gate Module

Clipsal C-Gate Module by JAMware enables control of Clipsal equipment.

Here you can download the driver in DEMO mode – any project running the driver in this mode will close iRidium after 5 minutes of use.

Licenses can be purchased per device or as a site license. Contact the developer JAMware at to purchase licenses. Here is the driver manual.

  • scanning of C-bus network;
  • lighting control;
  • HVAC control;
  • getting feedback;
  • multiple networks;
  • applications with commands and feedback: lighting, enable, trigger; 
  • applications with feedback only: measurement data, HVAC.

  • Demo project.
    • 1024x768 (iPad 1, 2, Mini)

    Supported iRidium versions: V2.0 and later

    Application for launching the module on iOS/Android: 
    i2 Control V2.0 and later

    Required licenses: ANY iRidium Pro License, including the AV & Custom System Device License Pro and Pro Site licenses.


 iRidium Clipsal C-Gate  Module
Clipsal C-Gate
Developer's web-site:
Download Clipsal C-Gate Module